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House of Goya

This season, Stine Goya launches “House of Goya” drawing inspiration from the extravagant aesthetic, the freedom of expression and inclusive community of international Ballroom culture, as documented through Paris is Burning & Kiki. Without focusing on specific references to individual people, costumes or eras - the SS20 Collection, draws on the longstanding tradition of alternative families and seeks to celebrate the individuals & their styles who make Stine Goya the brand it is today.

The SS20 Collection explores the brand’s repertoire of bold palettes & trademark storytelling prints creating fresh, vibrant and considered looks.

Classic prints are revisited and reworked. From the IIsa Checkered Shirt or Checkerboard Knitwear to the oversized RoseGarden or miniature Blossom - no one scale is the same but everything is complementary.

Silhouettes, proportions & materials are also pushed to extremes - drawing on the perfect excess of Ballroom performers. Shorts - the Joselyns - are shorter. Fabrics - Metallic Knits & Cady Sheen - are bolder. New styles - the Fina & the Leor - are tighter. Shoes - the Indyas - are taller.

This is the Ballroom scene as imagined through the eyes of Stine Goya, perfectly captured in this season’s signature hand-painted design - the Dancers.

Stine Goya has always been about exploring the boundaries of colour & print. Being bold & experimental.

For SS20, I focused on the extremes of my design process - looking at classic styles, shapes, fabrications and turning them completely on their head, to create a look that captures the distinct aesthetic of House of Goya.

Our commitment to sustainability continues to thread through our collections - the vibrant Polka Dot & Hearts stories across the Mainline are created entirely from recycled polyester, while our showpieces continue to integrate new challenging techniques. Specifically, The Vilma Dress, featuring hand-sewn applique fabric flowers combines GOTS Certified Silk Organza, Tencel Lyocell and Lenzing Ecovero Viscose with intricate embroidered techniques which continue to elevate sustainable fashion to new heights.

There’s an unbridled energy captured within each story, as Stine Goya explores an even more playful approach to dressing up, celebrating and challenging the imaginations of her community.