Stine Goya was established in Copenhagen, Denmark 
in 2006 by the designer of the same name.
With a feminine palette of colours and unique,
artful prints cut in elegant and feminine silhouettes,  
Stine Goya creates collections of clothing and accessories 
that encourage women to express their individuality. 

Each collection is founded in a depth of meaning
and a visual portrayal of an emotion or tone, 
inspired by a wide spectrum of contemporary and classical sources
that capture the essence of the distinct Stine Goya universe.
Since graduating from Central St Martins in 2005
with a degree in fashion and print,
Stine Goya’s seasonal collections and fashion shows
have continued to receive International acclaim
because of their agenda to influence
the direction of Scandinavian design. 
The collections are sold in selected key stores
in 25 different countries world wide.